Tuesday, September 1, 2009

In House- Guild Contest --Hide and SEEK !!!! Yay!!!

Hello All You Artfire Friends of the "You Can Sell It" Guild !!!

Guess what?! Today is the first of September and it's time to tell what the contest will be (for our in house guild participation).
We're going to play hide and seek. Each of the participants will hide the phrase "I'm so glad you found me!" in the item description of one of their shop items. Then each participant will have to find all of the hidden phrases in order to qualify for the prize. That's right. There is a prize - a $20 cash prize (delivered via PayPal) to be spent anywhere you want.

The goal of this contest is to help our guild members become familiar with each others shops.

The rules (yes there are always rules hehe):

1) You must register in this topic.

2) You have from the moment I post this until Monday, September 07, '09 -10pm (central time zone) to hide the phrase in your shops.

3) The phrase must be hidden in either the featured gallery or (if you don't use that feature) in one of the first 4 item descriptions on page one(1) of your shop. Please hide the phrase in the "promotions box" so that it can be seen at a glance.

4) Once the phrase is hidden, send me a message letting me know where it's located. (message must be sent by September 07, '09 - 11pm central time zone).

5) You have from Tuesday, September 08, '09 until Monday, September 14, '09 - 10pm (central time zone) to seek out all the phrases in the participating shops.

6) Once you have compiled your list, send the list to me and it will be entered into a random drawing. Your list must be sent by September 14, '09 - 11pm central time zone to qualify.

7) Winning name will be announced September 16th and the prize will be awarded the same day.


Are all guild members eligible to play? Yes! Well, everyone except for me.

How will the drawing be done? I will print all the qualifying names out and toss them in a hat and then my 3 year old grandson, who can't read yet, will draw out a name.

What if I only have one(1) item in my shop? Well then it's going to be real easy for everyone to find the item with the hidden phrase. ;)

Why hide the phrase in either the featured gallery or in one of the first four items? The goal is to let everyone become familiar with each others shop, not make this contest so time consuming no one has time to participate.

What if I don't use the gallery feature and decide to list new items during this contest? If you do that, then the item with the hidden phrase will be no longer be within the first 4 (assuming that you would be adding more than one item). So, if you plan on listing new stuff within the next two weeks, then please, at least during the duration of this contest, use the featured gallery option.

Why wasn't this contest put up for a vote? Because I'm sponsoring it and I figured, just this once, you wouldn't mind not having a vote on whether we did this contest or a different one.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask them.

I hope everyone decides to join in and play hide and seek and that you all have a lot of fun participating.


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