Monday, July 26, 2010

Facebook Like Badges, Buttons and Boxes

Facebook offers several options for promoting your business page and even your own site. The problem I've found is actually finding where to get those badges. I went on a witch hunt the other day for a box for my business page that included the like button; I had seen them but I could figure out where to get one and Facebook isn't much help. They seem to be hiding those pages.

There are 3 badges you may be interested in and here's how to get them.
  1. The first is a Page Badge.  This badge gives the info about your page and a link to your page but doesn't include a Like button. People need to go to your fan page to Like it
    1. To get this badge, go to Page Badges-
    2.  Before you get the badge, click on the edit link to customize the badget
      1. You can change what is shown on the badge and the format
    3. Your pages are listed, you just need to get the code. It can make a widget for Blogger or Typepad or you can get the HTML code.
  2. The next option is a Like Box. This option includes more about your page and includes a "like" button so people can "Like" your page from off facebook
    1. Go to
    2. Your first step is to put the page id number,, it will be in the address bar if you don't have a vanity url.
    3. If you have a vanity URL and can't see the id number
      1. Click on your photo for that profile where it says edit
      2. The next page will have the id number in the address bar
      3. This video shows how to find it if you need more help. 
      4.  You can customize it –
        1. Width- most blog side bars are about 200 pixels; this is set for almost 300.
        2. Whether you want updates shown (stream)
        3. How many connection you want shown.
      5. When it looks the way you want, click "get code", I found the one line code (XFBML code) didn't work with blogger. 
    3. Like Button This is the little button you see on many web pages now.This button will add your web page to be available to facebook users- ie in Search.
    1. Go to 
    2. Add the URL for the page you want people to like, it can be any page
    3. You have some choice for customization.
    4. Click "Get Code".
Each badge, button or box is different. The first two though are more about promoting your page. The Like button is more geared toward web pages. It has some extra features for tracking traffic.

My favorite would be the Like Box. It shows your page info and allows people to like it. If you are unsure of using code, the Page badge will lets you just have a Widget made and it was add it directly to Blogger. Either way it is a great way to spread the word about your Facebook Business page.


EmilyClaireCreations said...

Thank you Susan, I added it to my blog! I appreciate the information. :D

Rock Bug said...

As a FB business page newbie, this post was extremely helpful. Thank you!

Rock Bug said...
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About Me said...

Thanks, Susan. Very helpful information!

CalliopeCreations said...

Lovely collection. Terrific choices

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