Thursday, November 19, 2009

Shine Like Crazy Studio is November 18-24 Hit Parade Float

Do the memories in your house Shine Like Crazy??? If not, you need to commemorate them with a tray from ShineLikeCrazyStudio on Tina's trays are remarkable works of handmade art available in many forms to suit your needs. She can custom design wedding, awards, "In Memory Of", photograph collage, and many other wonderful trays. The trays are available in wood and metal designs.

One of the greatest things about Tina's Trays are the versatility. Because her wood trays are coated in resin, they will last much longer than commercially produced varieties. Testimonies on her website attest to the wonders and versatility of these trays. Candle junkie? She's got 'em. Picture junkie? Got those too!

Take a look and tell me these aren't wonderful! Here are some examples.

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