Thursday, December 3, 2009

Night_Owl Rides the Hit Parade /Dec. 2-9th

Night_Owl2704- also known as- "Of Brush and Needle" - Rides the Float in our guild's Hit Parade for the week of December 2-9.

This shop has many wonderful all- handmade items.
NightOwl has been working hard to realize her dream of creating whether it's in sewing, knitting or crocheting and even utilizing paintbrush.
Currently, her shop focuses on "placemats" which are not just rectangular in shape-take a look for yourself- they're absolutely beautiful! In addition there are also jewelry purses and other items she's working on adding. So check out ( especially the Christmas ones!), these unique place- mats today!

OH YES---AND IF YOU HAVEN'T DONE SO AS YET......Monday's the day that the WINNER for November Guild Contest will be announced. PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT NOW TO VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE ITEM in our guildmaster's post below!
Thank you Tammy and all of you for the extra time during the holidays that you've spent trying to make our guild run smoother!

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