Monday, March 29, 2010

New! Rearrange Your Artfire Shop

Artfire has pulled a new toy out of its bag of tricks! As a pro member you can now rearrange the items in your shop. Some people have been begging for this feature for ages, I personally was not as convinced by its value that is until I tried it. I quickly realized I could put by most eye catching items on the front page, in fact show off a mixed a bag. It can be like those first steps into a brick and mortar shop where the best stuff is right there in the front. Grab them with your best.

Even better if is very easy to use and you can even arrange within categories so again if your categories are large you can show off the best.  It's actually called the Merchandizer and it is found under My Tools on My Artfire. Be sure to enable it if you want save the rearrangement, when you disable it, it will revert to the most recent first listing.

You'll see a dropdown to choose what you want to rearrange. The whole studio or a separate section. From there it is sheer fun. Within a page you just need to move items about. A box will appear when you roll over to move to a different page. You can move items around as much as you want, go to a category, arrange them. Just be sure to "Save to Live" so your work will be saved. There is just proviso to remember, when you list a new item, it will go to the back of the store, so be sure to move it closer to the front when you list it.

Yes the rearrange option is here and without any bugs so far. A couple of weeks of testing by the Mavens made sure of that. I know when Etsy rolled this feature out there were glitches everywhere. Artfire has made sure this hasn't happened- so got out and rearrange with the Merchandizer!


About Me said...

Fantastic! Thanks for the update!

Tali said...

I'm embarrassed to say that until I read this yesterday, I had no idea about this. I knew it was coming but I didn't know it was already here. Thanks!

Alternative Emporium said...

I love this tool! I too had no idea about this so thanks for letting us in on it :)

Jennifer said...

It is a SUPER AWESOME tool :)