Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sell the Feeling


This caddy will cause skin pruning. Holding candles, a book, a glass of wine or a steaming cup of tea the caddy will turn your bathing experience into a dream. You will be able to spend hours reading a book, writing a letter or sipping wine and listening to music without having to leave the steaming water. Once your bath is done it can be used to hold towels or other bathroom necessities.

Constructed out of a reclaimed oak beam from a hardware store built in Lancaster County, Pa, in 1897 the caddy is 11 in. wide by 29 in. long. It fits most standard tubs with an opening of 22 in. to 26 in. It has two 2 in holes drilled in the corners to fit a tea light or votive candle. Finished with two coats of 100 percent pure tung oil, it is water resistant. The simple design allows for easy cleaning. We recommend that you wipe the caddy down after every use.

Custom sizes are available as well, just send a message to us with the inside and outside dimensions of your tub and we will make a custom bath caddy listing for you.

Each caddy is made to order and may therefore take up to two weeks to ship. Also, each caddy will vary slightly in grain texture and indications of the wood's prior use.

We will be more than happy to ship to other countries. Because of the size and weight of this piece, we would need your address before quoting a price for shipping.

I admit I am not the one who find this listing on Etsy, Tony on Artfire did.Yes Etsy, but it is a great example of how to sell. When I look at this picture and read this description, I am longing for this- and I don't take baths. I'm not thinking about that this caddy is made from recycled wood or even the price which by the way is $100. I'm imagining myself in a tub with candles, luxuriously soaking. I don't remember my own tub is too tiny to even move in.

Are you doing this? Selling a feeling about what your selling. Are you making them feel they need your items. A good title will get you views but a good description sells the product. Give the customer a reason to want your item, don't just list the details, of course don't leave them off either, but grab the customer, then get to the nitty gritty.

It's up to you to give them a reason to want it. Even if you are selling supplies, give the customer something to grab on to- give them a great idea how they can be used, or how they will sparkle, grab them. Craft items are not essentials, give them a reason. Is is comfy, who can it be used, describe a scene where it will be used, who is for; go for the feeling.

I will make one disclaimer here, you are selling to the customer's feeling. Yes add if they are one of a kind or the materials but don't use that as the selling point. If relevant, you can add how long it takes to make it or how long you've done this craft but you want to sell the product, not your skills. I'll be frank, most customers won't buy something just because it is handmade but because they want it.

Now look at your descriptions, are you making people want you sell? Give them a reason to want it. Think of a reason you would want it- is it comfy, stylish, eye catching, does it have a function? If you can't think of a reason why you would want it, maybe you should be rethinking the product.

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