Thursday, May 6, 2010

Getting Personal with Online Selling

Shopping is really a personal experience.  In the real world, shopping often means looking at several  items, touching them, picking them up for a better view, sniffing , seeing how it looks on you. You're trying to get an idea of how it will work for you.  We're seeing if we want the item our own.

So how do you bring this very personal experience of shopping online as an artisan? You want to give your future buyers a chance to do the same thing- make your item theirs. No matter what you are selling, the shopper needs to get a good look at it. Who will buy something they can't see? Take pictures from every angle, maybe on that gives an idea of the size. They can't pick it up so you need to show do for them. Show the details but also include at least on shot that shows the entire item. Give the shopper a way to imagine this item in her space.

The description is your next step. Some basic ideas to remember
  • Describe the item using objective words. Just saying an item is great doesn't mean much from the seller. It is beautiful, the seller will see it in the pictures. 
  • Be clear and get to the point
  • List the materials use
    • If the materials you use add extra value, list them
    • Tell them why a material adds value - ex. using gemstones, let them know why gemstones make a difference- color, sheen. Often people don't really know
  •  Include the measurements. Use English and metric measurements.
  •  Give you shopper reason to buy quality, uses, sheer beauty, why do they need this product.
  • Answer questions quickly then try to add that question to the description if you realize you forgot something.
  • Avoid
    • Making the description too long. You'll loose the customer's attention.
    • Go through your life story or values in each listing. Keep that in your bio.
    • Offer too many choices or offer choices that are not clear.Don't confuse the customer.
    • Making it making it hard for a customer to buy something
This all comes down to making the online experience as real as possible. Try to cover as many senses as possible. They can only see it, you need to describe the rest- the smell, the feel, textures. Bring it all home to the customer.