Thursday, May 13, 2010

What does this get me?

Wool socks $35

If you were shopping which pair of socks would you buy. If you aren't a knitter or know much about yarn, I'm guessing you would probably choose the ones on top, they're more than 20 dollars cheaper and still just as cute.  You'd be wondering why the other pair costs so much more. 

Take what you know as an artisan and tell why a feature has a benefit to the seller, especially if you are selling the more expensive item. Why would they spend more on fine gauge wool socks? If have any experience with yarns, you know but does your buyer know? I used to knit socks so I know wool sock yarn is really warm and a wool/nylon blend won't wear out. They'll also be thin enough to wear under most shoes. I also know fine gauge yarn takes longer to knit because it is thinner. Let the seller know how they benefit they'll get from the feature.

This is really key. As an artisan you know the tools and materials of your craft, maybe so the benefits of one material or technique over another seems obvious but does your buyer. Focus on them. Don't just say this material is better, tell them how it makes a difference to them. Does it have a better color, will it last longer, it is softer and why they should care.

Keep in mind, your buyer is probably not an expert. You need to how this product is better and how. Offer it has a solution to their needs

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