Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Are Your Items Trendy?

Are your items trendy? Are you in the know? Are you up on the hottest styles or colors for this year? Don't know?  Do you even care to know?

You can get bombarded with tips to stay trendy, keep up with all the new styles but does it even matter to a crafter? To me it often seems when I see these articles they focus on one new item that is "hot" but I've never seen. Or this is the color of the season but I don't see it anyone I meet. Maybe I just hang out with out of touch people or maybe this hot trends really aren't so "hot" or important anyway.

I'm not saying never to update you styles, you don't want to look like you are still stuck in the 70's but for many crafters, you have a style of your own, palettes you prefer. My advise is stay true to your own self. If you make and like delicate jewelry, it doesn't matter if big chunky styles are this year's item, a market still exists for your items. I'm sure you've seen most people don't change their whole look every year. the majority of people tend to stay in their comfort zone anyway.

Purple may be the color of the year, actually I have no idea, but if you create in earth tones, do you have to revamp your whole line? There is nothing wrong with adding that new color as an accent if you want to but you just let it fit in with your own brand.

I think it's more important to have a style of your own. Discover your palette, your style, your materials. Update your line when it feels right to you. People buy handmade for that personal touch. If they just wanted trendy items, they would be in a designer store. Keep your work fresh,  but keep it personal. It's your work, next year the designers will be saying something totally different but handmade isn't all about following trends, it is about setting a style of your own.


EcclecticLadyLand said...

I think most of us probably take the trends with our own grain of salt. There may be crafters who find themselves inspired by new looks they see, and enjoy the challenge of incorporating trendy stuff into their work, why not? As long as it makes you happy, if you are making something you truly love. I don't go against my own tastes for the sake of following a trend, but it doesn't mean trend info is useless either. If I was a maker of pillows, for example, I would totally get down on an Alice In Wonderland throw, and love it. Any trends that don't appeal to me stay out of my workstation.

Tracey said...

I so agree with you. When I was new at selling, I tried to make more items that were 'in style' but not particularly my taste. To be honest, I actually think it worked against me. Everyone follows their own path, and has to learn what works best for them. For me, it's staying true to my own style - but at the same time, not be afraid to step out of the box a bit. I'm happy to say after a few years of selling and soul-searching, I am finally at that place where I truly like the items I offer - and if I like them, then I know others will as well :)
Thanks for a thought provoking post. I'm adding you to my favs :)