Monday, June 28, 2010

Intoducing 123Gemstones

Red Coral and Blue Millefiori Necklace Set by 123Gemstones

Turquoise & Tibetan Silver Necklace
Red Fire Agate Necklace

123Gemstones is Julie Heise's store on Artfire. She has a second shop on Artfire as well, JuliesTreasures.  She creates unique jewelry in 123Gemstones.
She lives in Watertown, Wisconsin.  She says "We have a farm and I raise horses, Morgans & Gypsies, my breeding prefix is "Rosewater" and my name is Rosewater Farm.  I have 4 dogs, 3 retired Greyhound racers and a black Lab".

Julie makes Jewelry and Soaps.  She is also. an amateur photographer . Julie has been making handmade soap for 15 or more years.  She started making jewelry in 2008.  She say was inspired to created because she needed Christmas gifts and decided to make them instead of buying.

The pearl necklaces for my daughters & Mom-in-Law and I made Christmas 2008 are some of her favorites.  They didn't have anything like that and it was a nice surprise.

Julie says she sees beads and get inspired.  Somethings it is several items that make up the necklace idea.  I had the red sponge coral and purchased the millefiori beads match exactly in color.  The heart  pendant I purchased from another AF artisan and it  just all fell together.  Each item is a gift from the heart, handmade and always well received.

What is your best advice for someone starting selling or doing your craft?
Stick to it, get a shop on Artfire with a free account to see if this is what you really want to do. Something you want people to know about you/what make you different/special as artist/person. 
Putting beads and colors together is artistic/intriguing and when somebody actually buys it, it is a very special feeling.  I have sold 24 pieces since I joined Artfire in fall of 2009, not to mention my website and folks that know I make jewelry.  That is inspiring. 

You can also find Julie on Twitter and on her

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