Thursday, July 22, 2010

My condensed notes version of Artfire's 45 Day Guide to Success will wrap up today. It is a 45 day guide to selling, filled with good advice and ways to improve your selling. This is third part of the summary, you may not want to read the entire guide but this way you can pick out the important information.

Click here for weeks 1&2 and weeks 3&4

By now you have been selling for a month and it's time to get some feedback and review what you have been doing so far. Now is the time to go to the forum for feedback about your shop. You have a number of items, policies in place and you will know which way to go with the advice you receive. While you are at it, review your shop policies as well. By now, you may have a better idea of how you want to handle things, so reflect this in your policies.

Try making a list blog most. Actually these are the easiest posts to make and also the mostly popular.  Everyone loves a list- it can be anything 5 Reasons You Love Your Craft, 10 Best Places to Read a Book, 6 Good Reasons to Nap. It can be how-tos, controversy. Check out this post for some good ideas (translation underneath).

While we're talking about your blog, this might be a good time to run a small giveaway. Typically you usually require people to comment on your blog or promote your giveaway some how to get more buzz. One trick is to get the word out- submitting it to a blog like ByHandmadeGiveways helps.

 Also check out media sites this week like Flickr, Youtube and Photobucket.
You are getting good at this so now it's time to reach out further. Order business cards to hand out in person or add to items when they are purchased. Also try submitting your work to some craft blogs to be featured. There are also always bloggers in the forums looking for people to feature.

Find some niche forums related to your craft- try to narrow it down if possible. Keep up your web presence, these online communities are real communities, be an active member in these communities to make contacts, friends and enjoy it. 

Try making a pop-culture inspired item, something that already has fans and make something that is inspired by that to hopefully get them interested. This isn't selling out but you reaching out to a market that is already there.

Just about done with this guide but by now I'm sure you realize that the work doesn't end at the of week 7. Actually week 7 is  a short week. Buy some online advertising, Project Wonderful , artfire ads, google adwords are all possibilities. This is optional but some well places ads can make a big difference. I'd suggest test different sites, ads , wording. Project Wonderful can be great in that often you can get free or very inexpensive ads, you pay per the day, so you know the costs.

Last day now, be sure your shop has diverse pricing, especially if you specialize in higher end items.

Actually it is never the last day but this is where the guide ends. By now you will have gained enough knowledge to at least know what you don't know. That way you can know where you need to expand. Selling is not easy  but this guide gets you on a good path.

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