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Introducing DaffyDill

Wire Wrapped Copper and Turquoise Pendant


Debra Fredericks is the artist behind the Artfire shop, DaffyDill   She is from Kelowna, BC, Canada.

My studio is a spare bedroom with workspaces, shelving, and places to hang completed work along with my photo board for shots of completed pieces to post. I’m married for 9 years and have a wonderful Snorkie dog named Keda that’s eight pounds of delight, fun, cuddles and love! I have 3 children and 3 step children as well as 11 grandchildren ranging in age from 12 to 2.
Howolite tiger bead earrings

About my Shop
: I frequent the shops here in Kelowna that re-sell used items and church basements to find bits and pieces for my craft supplies. Vintage items that are frequently deconstructed to bring new life to their elements in a whole different style. I frequent Magpie’s Gemstones online store as well to replenish many of my semi-precious stones, sterling silver and chains.

What you make/sell?
The main of my creations are not pattern chosen, but when I put together a group of beads or wire I simply let things go as they will. I will lay out my choices and sometimes take it apart and re assemble what it is I’m looking for. Nothing is completely “copied” from one piece to another. My muse is in control!
There are things I craft other than jewelry. I’ve loved to embroider, knit, crochet, and needlepoint many items over the years. I began with embroidery and sewing with a machine. Advancing, with time, into more difficult projects, such as crocheting extravagant lace doilies. I love the challenge and the satisfaction of seeing a complete work of art formed in my hands. I have always had an extremely hard time sitting still. This is my relaxation and still and quiet time. To craft, with my hands, to occupy my mind and voila!

What got you interested in your craft?

Killer Whale Pewter Earrings
My mom used to knit mittens for us as children and sew our clothes on a treadle machine. I was amazed at what a little bit of this and that could be used to complete something so functional. My grandmother would arrive with a bundle of sweaters, all knit from the odds and ends in her knitting bag. Hand knitted ponchos with all the fringes too, we were the envy of all of our classmates as children.   

What inspires you to create?
The need to keep my mind and hands busy and the challenges of learning new things no matter if the project is beads and wire or yarn and needles. I stay home full time due to disabilities and am also looking for the little something “extra” in the budget if I’m fortunate enough to touch someone with a creation they can’t live without and make a sale! It’s very exciting here at my house if there’s a purchase from one of my venues!
How is what you do special? I believe very strongly in the waste not/want not philosophy of my youth. There were 6 kids and one parent working, times were very lean and we were frequently reminded not to discard anything that could be of use to someone else or that could be re-used for something functional. I take that very seriously still in looking to spend as little as possible on my supplies (fixed income helps keep that rule), Whatever I find in the discarded bins of retail and life I see the potential of not having that end up in the landfill but used purposefully for something that brings new life and art to all. It’s not just the selling, the income, it’s the therapy involved to take yourself outside of your everyday stresses, no matter what they are, and utilize a completely different energy and sense of accomplishment!

Something you want people to know about you/what make you different/special as artist/person
. . My life is not measured in accomplishments and financial gain, it’s my gifts of love and joy and so many of the things I complete never make to sale, they are gifts from my heart to those that “need” them.

You can Debra and her DaffyDills online
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