Monday, February 21, 2011

8 Ways to make your Shop Customer Friendly

I started this article with the idea of things to avoid to that trip up sales but as I wrote, I realized it was all about  building customer service into your shop even before your customer even clicks on your item and making it customer friendly. Customer service isn't just answering your emails on time and dealing with issues but also how you treat your customers from the very start.

Service is all about making the  buying experience better and easier. Setting up your store so customers can find what they are looking for and the information they need is all part of this. It starts with the your listing and doesn't end until the package is delivered and the customer is happy

This is just a short of ways to build your shop to make it customer friendly.

1. Accurate descriptive titles  A good titles gives a chance for the customer to find what they are looking for. Keyword stuffing or deceptive titles just lead to frustrate
2. Good Picture Let your customers see what is for sale
3. Informative Descriptions Describe the item completely, giving any needed details like size, color, materials. Any thing that might be unsure should be addressed. Customers shouldn't have to email you to find out basic information.
4. Use the Shop Rearrange Make the first page shine and include a variety of your best work
5. Use Studio Categories Well This actually entails a lot but all items should be in a category and every category should be populated. You can organize them in several ways but try to keep it consistent.
6. List Multiples not repeats
7. Offer international shipping 
8.  Eliminate extra clicks or work for the customer Let it be click and buy- If you sell different scents or colors, make a different listing for each one, don't ask a customer to select in the check out.

This is a just a quick list- does anyone else have ideas how to make selling easier for your customers?


Debbie said...

ok, obvious right? now off to my shop to see if I am actually doing these things lol

Victoria said...

Good reminders, I need to keep working on that front page, thanks!

bluetina said...

Thanks! It's always good to be reminded of these things. There is such a lot to remember but the basics are very important!