Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rockbug Store Rocks Animals


Red Howlite and black obsidian Bracelet

Rockbug is truly an animal lover, you can see it in her items and shop, even her guinea pig avatar. She says she got started because she couldn't find a doggie jacket to fit her dog and made her own. she couldn't find what she wanted so she took care of it herself. It seems many of her items were designed like that.

Hand stamped Rescued Pet Tag by Rockbug
She is also active in the guinea pig rescue community. Guinea pigs hold a special place in my heart. I had a few as a kid, I still love just petting them.

But Rockbug doesn't just cater to your pets. As you can see she also has beautiful jewelry for you. Some like the elephant necklace feature and animal but even then the strands of earth beads make it so much more than just a plain chain

Elephant Necklace with Jasper Mother-of-Pearl Bead Necklace

Her store is filled with gorgeous jewelry, tags for your pets and more. Check out her artfire shop, Rockbug. She also has her own website, . She is very present on the web with a blog, Rockbug Facebook page, You can keep up with her on Twitter as Rockbug8 or on Tumblr.

Where ever you find her, you find some animals around.


Sher said...

What cute things! Love the hand stamped resuced pet tag.

RockBug said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful entry! It has totally made my day.

I consider myself very fortunate and I'm loving every second of what I do.

zoraida said...

Beautiful ways to honor our animal friends. Very nice pieces on RockBugs Artfire shop.

CalliopeCreations said...

Love RockBug's work. Her avatar caught my attention since I saw it for the first time ages ago.

Love it.