Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Member of the Month August: CraftBabeCreations

The You Can Sell it Guild featured member for the month of August is 

Name: Mersades
About You: I live in Massachusetts. I work out of my home. I have 2 brothers, 1 sister, and about 10 kids. :) Only one of them is actually mine, he's 3. The rest are cousins or friends babies who I'm extremely close to.
Shop: Craft Babe Creations

What you make/sell?: I make fun jewelry and other things out of polymer clay. Also, duct tape wallets and other duct tape creations. I sell supplies such as clay canes, molds, and more. I will soon be selling squishies. :)
What got you interested in your craft?: I love crafts. All crafts. And clay just fell in my lap one day and I've been at it ever since.
What inspires you to create?: My son, my sister, my friends, life.
Of everything you have created which is your favorite? Why?: I little cheeseburger charm that I made. I loovveee it.

Food Charms, Princesses, Cupcakes and Rainbows.. You can find anything you are looking for and more at Craftbabecreations Artfire. Molds, supplies, and squishies coming  soon.

Take a peek at 

Craftbabecreations shop- the smile you are for sure to get is FREE

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Victoria said...

What cute items! It must be so much fun and crazy too to have all those kids around, what a blessing.