Tuesday, September 20, 2011

SEO Tips 2 - Keywords and How to Use Them

I have been going over some SEO basics. It's a term that gets thrown around a lot but all it really means is using search engines the best way you can. There are quite a few terms that get thrown around, one really important one is Keywords. This should really be the first in this series because keywords are what SEO is all based on. It should be easy easy to define -these are the words that are key/important to your description. One of the easiest ways to understand them is to think about when you search for something. You probably type in 2 to 4 words of what you are looking for. If you are looking for something, say a pair of boots, you know if you type in boots, the search is overwhelming, so you'll narrow, maybe women's brown leather boots . This is still pretty broad, you'll get lots of results but now you have some important details. So how does this apply to your items? I need to fix some of my titles, let's try one of them. 

This is titled Polymer Clay Christmas Pixie Figurine Sculpture. 
It doesn't seem to get many views and has been listed in my store for nearly two years. When I listed this, I was making a lot of pixies, which later I realized is really spelled pixy but I like pixie - I guess this is my first mistake. Polymer clay seems important to me, I use it and I figured others care too.

Now I need to take a second look. When you look at this how would you describe? What are the main words you think of? Now that I look at it, I'm thinking Baby Santa Christmas Decoration.I need to add more but this is a start - I can use miniature, polymer clay, red and more to expand.

Two things you need to remember are keywords need to define your product and they also need to something people will search for. Use those keywords at the beginning of your title and through out the description but do not forget to add other descriptors for when people have more specific searches. Search engines can only find what you added.

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