Friday, September 9, 2011

SEO Tips- Location Location Location

Google rolled out Panda and a lot of the rules for SEO , which just means optimizing your chances to be found in a search engine. Google mainly was trying to remove sites that are content scrappers, you know those pages that are just full of links and not much new.

Unfortunately since it is a computer making decisions, it swiped sites and listing that didn't quite the bill. The whole goal of Panda was to look for content, useful and meaningful content.

Some of the rules have changed and some sellers felt it worse than others. Supply sellers can be the most vulnerable. Listings can be short and often very similar. 

For all the changes, something have stayed the same, although maybe with a twist. I'll go through some idea the next few week but

Location counts. When you are doing a listing remember the upper left hand corner. The further up on the page it is, the greater weight Google give the information. You want your keyword as high up and to the left as possible. One new twist is in the title. Usually we were told to make the title flow but now you want the keywords as far to the left as possible.

For example, a typical title of mine was "Handmade Polymer Clay Flying Green Dragon Necklace" . Green Dragon are the keywords in this title and until recently it worked ok. I read up a bit and tried using location by putting the keywords - by this I mean the words a customer mostly like will use to search for.
Trying  "Green Dragon Necklace made of Polymer Clay"  seemed to work best for views. It might not need the made of but I am one of the grammar police and can't help it. 

You want those keywords up front and at the top.  Google give the information weights the information higher on the page, headline/titles then goes down. Repeat the title, slightly reworded in the first sentence. In those first few sentences, get the main facts in, then the add the details, uses, inspiration,etc.

Personal secret: I test my titles and descriptions by using search on Artfire. It may not be perfect but it reflects changes quicker (sometimes within a half hour or less) and it doesn't use my history to influence search. 

Location Counts but Keywords are King. We'll talk about them next,


Victoria said...

Thanks for the update. It always seemed to make since to write a title in the manner a person searching for the item would search. But, since But since I am new (1 1/2 years) at this I never really got into the flowery descriptive titles, so lucky me I do not have to go back and change alot. I'm referring more to my Etsy shop than Artfire. It was very nice when Tony, of Artfire, also explained some of the changes and why of the new studio pages.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Flowery words and "artisic" titles don't usually help. It your item, like a painting, has a name, add it to the description, don't make it a title.