Sunday, November 20, 2011

SEO-Using Titles

JKA Designs
SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization which basically just means in English how to use search engines the best way you can. That means knowing how how search engines work and using that to the best advantage. 

No matter what updates come along, some of the basics don't. You want to get found and search engines will use titles and descriptions when it comes to selling. Search engines can't see pictures. So it comes down to what you say about an item.

The title is the first thing a search engine looks at. You want a title that includes words people are going to use when searching for you item. People includes those who don't know about your craft or how it is made.

This pendant by JKADesigns on Artfire is really stunning. I notice the blue and amber stripes and an iridescent quality about it. I am more interested in how a pendant looks more than anything else. Although when I saw the title "Fused Glass Dichroic Pendant", I realized I may never have found this pendant. 

A title needs to give as much information as you can in 70 characters and part of the trick is picking words that buyers would find important. As crafters we can get too involved in our craft. Fused glass dichroic may not mean much or anything outside your specialty. My biggest faux was to assume Polymer Clay was a major keyword for my items. For a few items, this is true but for most, it doesn't even get used. It just doesn't cross people's minds. I might use it at the end after a comma or just include it tn the first sentence of my description.

Another big one is "handmade". Except in cases where it defines a product -like handmade soap- it usually doesn't add value to tem in search. Very often it can come down to trial and error. Your description should do this as well but it starts with your title. If you are unsure, show your item to someone else and listen to how they describe it and what they mention. Do a test by changing the title for a month or so to see if views improve.

SEO is all about getting found. To do this you need find out what buyers are searching for - beyond what the item is, are they searching colors, style, shape, material. Sometimes material counts-  gemstones are a material that can make a difference, as can wool vs, acrylic yarn. As seller you need to figure what the buyer finds important, not what you find important.

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