Friday, January 27, 2012

Are you pinning yet?

In my last post, I mentioned Some people may not be familiar Pinterest yet. It honestly is exploding in the past few months. Pinterest is a virtual cork board, where people share images of items, crafts, designs and ideas that inspire them by "pinning" them to their own board. You can follow other people, like on Twitter or Facebook. People can "repin" items they like from other boards to their own.

To make pinning faster, you can install the "Pin it" button on your toolbar. You can save pictures from all over the web. Since every image will link page to the original site, everyone benefits. It's great to use as a visual bookmarking tool.

You do need an invite to join. Sometimes you can just click on request one, but if you need one, message me,FantasyClay with your email and I will send an invite.

Pinterest is all about pictures. And it seems there is a high version rate on views from Pinterest. You can also create Boards that allow for multiple contributors. I set up a board on Pinterest to show items from You Can Sell It members -You Can Sell It on Artfire. Hmmm not much there yet.

Well I need your help to contribute to this board. You need to do a few thing, 1. Be on Pinterest. 2. Be a member of the YCSI guild 3. Message or email me your Pinterest username and I will add you as a contributor. 4. Promise to only post good photos

So join Pinterest if you haven't already and send me your username to be added to be a contributor and have you items shared by at 90 people and that is just to start. Check out the board and join it.

And if you need another reason to try it, Artfire is have a Pin It to Win It  contest. Check out the post to see their rules.

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