Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Meet RMB Designs

Royal Holiday Party Neckalce By RMBSesigns
Almost Bollywood Necklace by RMBDEsigns

Introduce yourself:
Hello there! I'm Rosalind Brinson, Owner/Artist of RMBDesigns on Artfire

Where Can we find you online:
Take your pick: Facebook(RMBDesigns), or Twitter (@RMBDesigns)
I also have a blog:

What you make or sell?
Beaded jewelry and gifts for men and women. Each piece is one of a kind. My motto is "Fun, Funky, Affordable".

What got you interested in your craft?
It began as a hobby five years ago. I was looking for something fun that didn't break the bank. After flipping through some beading magazines I figured "why not try?" Then came the earrings as gifts for co-workers, then patients began to ask for items, then the business grew from there.

Do you have other crafts you don't sell?
I'm working on some beaded boxes. Still figuring out the process, so they are not ready for sale yet.

What inspires you to create?
Oh boy good question! My mother's garden is the main source, especially for colors. Patterns on a bridal gown or material will spark an idea. Even broken jewelry prods me to re-purpose them.

What keeps you from getting into a creative rut?
Every few days I step away from the beads. The focus shifts to marketing, blogging, and the mundane organizing of the receipts. Then I'm ready to jump back in.

What makes your work different?
I emphasize "funky". Either a color scheme that normally wouldn't work, or a finding used in an non-traditional way. When I shop for focal pieces, the goal is to visit the most eclectic vendors first, then pick up the basics to create the foundations. If I'm not bored making it, then my customer won't be bored wearing/using it.

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