Thursday, November 12, 2009

November Guild Contest

Yes!!! the November contest is still underway. The deadline to "register" has already come and gone. The deadline to submit items for the vote is November 27. The winner will be announced Dec 5. The winner receives a special coding so that they can post "YCSI Award Winner" as a widget in their studio.

This is an excerpt from CutsiePoochie our guildmaster- about November's Contest-

A creativity contest:
  • Everyone will create a piece of work based on a theme. This month's theme will be Autumn.
  • The most original/outstanding piece of work would be voted for by email, sending me the votes once all of the pieces are in.
  • The winner for the theme would then be given an award widget that they can post in their studio.
  • The widget can be posted on your Artfire shop and you can then claim you have an award-winning piece of work in your studio
  • I know that some items are not produced within mere seconds, and that those of us that have more "demanding" items may be a little hesitant to participate. However, even those that crochet or have intense items could come up with something "small". I crochet thread items and sometimes they can take just a few hours to complete. So be creative - it's a creativity contest. Think about going outside of your "normal" areas and discovering a talent you've hidden.
  • I have also decided that to make it more fun, all of the work will be anonymous until a winner is chosen. I will know who you are, and I will not vote nor enter anything. However, I will be the only one that knows who you are until that date! appears that the final list for the November participants who are currently revving up their creative juices are:








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Almost done!

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Good Luck to all!