Thursday, July 15, 2010

Artfire Handmade Artifact Now Available

Artfire now has a certified handmade artifact available to pro users who only sell handmade items. Sellers have been waiting for over a year for this artifact to actually get implemented, it's the only artifact you need to apply for. This is the actual size, so if you get one, your customers will know you're items are special.

There are a couple of requirements you must meet before getting approved.  Here is the general list.

1.   Artisan must be a PRO member of ArtFire for at least 60 days.
2.   Artisan must be in good standing with including
3.  100% of the items in the Applicants studio must be listed in Handmade or Fine Art.  Studios with commercially produced supplies and destash are not eligible.(One exception is made, you can list items in "Handmade Supplies" in the Supply Category)
4.   Artisan studio must be complete and contain sufficient information including: an avatar, banner, complete Studio Policies and a completed Bio with photo.
5.  Product photographs must be in-focus and of a reasonably sufficient size.

Most of these of just good business practices except for #3. If you sell 100% handmade, you probably will want to apply. To apply for this badge you need to email Some of the information you need to supply is

1. Artfire user name
2. What is your main handmade craft, including the Main Category you list your craft in?
3. Your creative process
4. You also need to supply at least two pictures- one of your work space and one of a work in progress.

. Artfire will contact you after reviewing your application. If for some reason you are rejected, Artfire will email  with the reasons why.  You can re-apply in 45 days if you have corrected the issues.

For more information, you can check out this thread in the forums. Kevin explains the process and includes some FAQs and as always, the Artfire admin are always ready to answer question. This badge became available yesterday and I already know of few received their artifacts already.

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