Thursday, July 15, 2010

Introducing photostudio311

Papillon Portal Limited Edition Photo

 Meet Photostudio311 from Artfire, also know as Laria Saunders. She lives in West Hollywood, California and works from home. She lives with my boyfriend and hope to have pets soon!

She is a photographer who sells fine art photos, many are very abstact. She say "From the moment I picked up a camera as a teenager I have been hooked"  Being disabled and bedridden most of time I create to breathe new life into challenging times

She especially loves her abstract collection because it expresses who I am more thank any other collection I have done.
Laria decides what to create by looking  for color, light and texture to photograph

Matrix Mind- Limited Edition Photo
I asked her how is her work special and she respondedis she believes her 25 years of meditation and a former career in sacred dance adds a unique dimension to my art.

Her advice to other photographers is to have patience and keep taking photos and learn as much online as you can.
Drawing upon a lifetime of sacred dance, a family of artists and 25 years of  photography and meditation, Laria’s natural propensity towards photography is to infuse her capture with movement, emboldened cretive sight and elevated mystical perception.  This movement arises out of the original desire to create and while honoring this sacred desire the embrace of our creation is both a spiritually inclusive concept but also an integration of both being and becoming.  Contrary to steadying the camera to capture a “reality,” she appropriates the material world components and by combining their essence of color, texture and light is in effect displaying their real essence.  She believes the result is a combination of the transcendental with the material reality and that by elevating what one sees with the seer itself the reality transforms into a mystical form.  The images take one thru a portal unknown and yet vastly familiar.

Cocooned- Limited Edition Photo
You can see more of her unique work in her Artfire store as well as her website and her Flickr page 
You visit her Facebook page


Jewelry by Andrea said...

Your pictures are beatiful. You are very talented and do a wonderful job.

Rock Bug said...

Your work is gorgeous, very unique.

Laria said...

Thank you very much Andreas and Rock Bug! I'm very happy you like the work and appreciate the feedback. All the best!-laria