Monday, August 30, 2010

How to Get in a Artfire Collection

If you sell on Artfire, by now you have probably heard of the new toys- Collections. You can easily create a grouping of items to show off and also possibly be featured on the front page or emails. now the trick is how do you get your items to be included in collection, beyond of course making one yourself.

Here are some tips that really make a difference but this is not a one or the other list

Tip 1. Be a Pro Seller, any item can be chosen but only collections that include only pro sellers are eligible for the Front Page or emails. Just one more reason to become a pro seller

Tip 2. Get found in search. The main way to put together a collection is doing a search. One more time where descriptions count. Put in alternate names, colors, materials.

Tip 3.Remember it is the thumbnail that counts because that is all that is seen in the collection. You want that picture to really pop. The picture should be bright, in focus, show off the best part, and crop the image so your item is fills the thumb nail.

Tip 4. Don't show rulers or other props for size in that first picture.

Tip 5. Don't use a watermark unless you absolutely need too. Anything that distracts from the item should should be removed-signs, frames, etc.

Tip 6. Don't let the type of item stop you. Do you sell supplies? Those pictures don't have to be boring- the same rules apply- show off those funky beads, anything in a way that look good.

I've also heard people say they wouldn't use a store that didn't include a banner or an avatar, because it seemed like the seller wasn't interested. Again the same about minimal description or no profile picture.  I don't know how much this factors in, but then there is no excuse for not having these items.


About Me said...

Thanks, Susan. Great tips!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Susan for reminding us! i need to do this! ox

Bridget said...

One of the best ways to increase your chances to be in a collection is to add to the promotions forum requests, Lots of sellers will post "show me your Greens" or other criteria, and many do this to easily make a collection from what has been submitted. The rules above still apply. I will not use a bad photo ion a collection EVER!