Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Introducing FantasyClay

Polymer Clay Dragon by FantasyClay
River Reeds Polymer Clay Sculpture by FantasyClay

This week I am featuring FantasyClay on Artfire.com. Just a disclosure, in case I overpraise, I am FantasyClay, actual name is Susan. It's just easier so I can write the way I am thinking, no need to use 3 person about myself.

I live in New Jersey with my husband and two teenagers, actually 1 teenager now, since my son turned 20. My medium of choice is polymer clay. It is a highly colored man-made clay that allows mixing of amazing colors and techniques of all sorts. I personally am drawn to sculpting aspect of polymer clay. All colors are made by mixing the colors, the only paint used is for some tiny details.

I discovered polymer clay about 10 years ago from a Klutz book I bought to use with my son. Eventually I got hooked and never stopped. He still claims I stole his toy. I don't remember it like that but I can't say I didn't get immersed in it and started doing it more on my own.

I get inspired by the tremendous amount of polymer clay tutorials available and the many different things you can make with polymer clay. You can basically duplicate any item, from rocks, wood, jade, you name, someone has tried it. I love learning new techniques and then adapting them to me. But then I don't confine myself to one style. I made whatever is interesting.

My latest favorite piece is the River Reeds Sculpture . Actually I just finished it, so I am still quite impressed with it. I try to go one step further each time. This little robot is completely different but suited perfect as a birthday gift for my husband.

Agricola Meeples
My best advice to someone trying to sell craft items is to make what you love but never forget about customers. You may find that they are looking for a different take on what you sell. I would just make delicious sculptures but I found one of my best sellers are the game pieces (meeples) I made originally for my son. You always need to keep in mind that selling is a business.

You can find my work in my FantasyClay Artfire store and on Flickr. check out my blog, FantasyClay and my Facebook page. You can also follow me on Twitter, also as FantasyClay.
I try to follow my own advice about keeping active online.


Rock Bug said...

The River Reeds Sculpture is incredible! Good advice too.

sharlene said...

those little meeples are adorable!

Victoria said...

I like your little robot guy, he is adorable, lucky husband!

Jennifer Neumann said...

Oh my gosh! Are you perhaps talking about the Klutz Incredible Clay Book?!


Until you mentioned it, I completely forgot that I used to own that book. I thought it was amazing and I loved looking at the pictures, but just didn't have the patience to make the clay figures myself.

I love your creations!