Sunday, October 10, 2010

Featured Artist:: LenoresMoon

Winter Moon Black Tee Shirt by LenoresMoon

Original Art Blue Butterfly Women's Tee

Original Art Chain Tee Shirt by LenoresMoon
The You Can Sell It Guild has lots of new members and I hope I'll get a chance to introduce everyone but this week I am really excited by LenoresMoon. There are lots of places to buy tee-shirts but hers are really special. I'm being biased here, but these are definitely my style shirts.

LenoresMoon,  also known as  Lisa Frommer, is from Kansas. In her own words:

I have a Shar Pei named Rocky, he's not a dog he's my son :)

I decided one day to take some of my drawings and do something with them. The question was what do I do. After trying several different things I ended up teaching myself how to screen print and hand paint on fabric, so I decided to put them on tshirts.

I always have been able to draw but just decided it was time to do something with them. Everything I make has come from my mind. I'm very critical of what I do, so I want so badly to make sure it turns out just as I pictured it. If it doesn't I have to start over.

You can never learn too much. Its work, its studying and very unlikely that you will have overnight success. Don't stop trying, you have just as much right to succeed as anyone else. Every one of my designs are hand drawn so, you get something special and unique, its not something everyone else has.

You can find Lisa in her Artfire shop LenoresMoon, her facebook page  and on Twitter as Lenoresmoon. Lisa is also helping the guild by being an admin for the guild Facebook page- big kudos for that.


Lisa said...

Thank you very much for featuring my studio.

Mary said...

I love the way you did your t-shirt with the tree and speckles in the back ground. It is really neat!