Saturday, October 9, 2010

Looking Christmas Bargains

It's the middle of October so it is really the beginning of the Christmas season. As for sellers, it's time to get started if you haven't already. There are lots of things to do but let's start with something simple.

The sense seems seems that the economy is picking up a little, so people may be more willing to spend, but sales may still skew towards the lower and lower mid range. People still are looking for bargains, they've gotten used to them, since for the last year, stores have offered free shipping, coupons and all sorts of ways to enticing people to buy.

Before you start to groan and say but it will eat into my profits, let me clarify, don't offer any discount, deal, or shipping that means you will lose money. There's no point in selling if you lose money doing it.

There are different discounts to offer free shipping, coupons, free gifts, lowering prices.Be sure to let people know the prices are lower by using a sale overlay.

Remember coupons will cover any of these options as well but to legitimately use the overlay for offering a coupon, you need to have the coupon widget posted in your shop.  You have to use the coupon overlay- not free shipping,etc.

Free shipping seems to draw in a lot of people. It's kind of a psych thing, shipping is a service, not part of the item, so it feels like an extra. Would you want to spend 5 dollars shipping on a 15.00 item. However free shipping on a 20 item feels good. You're still getting the same amount of money but your seller leaves feeling good and you don't loose money.

For percent off, you can use the sale mode, but that only works for all items. If you want to offer a percentage off only a group of items, you'll need to use a coupon code. One upside of coupon, now this is a secret, a lot of times people don't bother to use them.

Bogos can't be don't directly, so far there is no way to set it up automatically but there is an overlay. The same with free gift. I'd put free gift at the bottom of the pile, even if you have a section to choose from.

This is just a start for the season and there is more to do,but do keep this in mind,
People may be shopping more but they looking for bargains, so you really need to give them what they are looking for. Be sure to use the overlays to announce the deal as people search Artfire.

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Sandy said...

Great Advise here. I use the free shipping in both my shops. As a shopper myself, it is something I look for. Since opening a second shop during the ArtFire 5.95 blitz I have been keeping busy adding to my Christmas Shop. Looking forward to adding new things year round and seeing how sales go.
I do need to look into doing coupons.